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About Jeff Becker

Jeff Becker has been involved in the Maryland horse industry all of his life. During this time, Jeff has trained numerous horses and students to compete successfully in local and rated company. He has also competed extensively himself.

Jeff's solid understanding of classically correct training methodologies has been formulated via his own training with many notable horsemen, including George Morris, Bob Crandall, Kim Stewart, Klaus Trawneczek and the late Denny Brown, among others.

Jeff espouses a strong work ethic and great respect and love for all horses.
Understanding the individual needs of the horses in his care, Jeff strives to tailor a program to bring out the best in each individual horse. The ultimate goal is to produce a sound, happy, and reliable partner. He believes in bringing horses along slowly with a great emphasis on flat work and balance.

With respect to students, the emphasis is on developing a true horseman, not just a rider. In addition to enhancing riding skills and techniques, lessons for the novice student include grooming and handling. For the advanced student lessons include equine psychology, riding theory, and veterinary care. Jeff believes that the most successful riders are those who understand and appreciate their horses not those who simply ride well.

Jeff specializes in building confidence in adult and young adult riders. Whether starting or returning to the saddle Jeff wants his students to learn and gain trust in themselves and their mounts as their skills develop and are refined. He is particularly helpful in assisting riders that have experienced fear related concerns.

Believing that goals are important, Jeff's students enjoy showing at local and rated shows in an atmosphere of comradery. Emphasizing the value of working together as a team helps everyone get better! By starting with small steps and working one's way up, there is no pressure to do what one is not comfortable doing.

  • Horses come first!

  • Individualized training packages and reasonable rates!

  • Putting together novice riders with safe and well trained horses allows Jeff to implement reachable goals!

  • Emphasis is on defining one's goals and implementing the best plan to attain this.



"Great trainer... amazing ability to meet each rider and horse at their own level. Jeff has helped me so much to understand  each different horse as an individual . Infinite patience!"
- Melanie Kinney Hoffman

"I have been riding with Jeff for the past four years as a member of the
Georgetown Equestrian team. Jeff is a great coach and trainer- my position
has improved immensely over the years that I've been riding with him. The
facilities are wonderful, and are kept beautifully. Jeff's horses are also
extremely well cared for, and are great mounts to learn on. Overall, Jeff
runs a great stable. I've been honored to be able to ride with him the past
four years."
-Laura Rosenwald, Former Member. Captain of the Georgetown Equestrian Team, 2011-2015

I have known Jeff Becker as a horsemen and instructor for several years. techniques are clear, concise, effective, with
evidence as the outcome. Horse care is beyond reproach. I have referred a
good friend to him for instruction and she has become an extremely
effective and technically correct rider in a very short period of time. I
provided two horses and he has transformed them into excellent Show Hunters.
I highly recommend Jeff Becker as an instructor with very good horses for
instruction if you do not have your own horse.
- Yvonne Mulgrew

What makes Jeff an exceptional trainer is that beyond his extensive knowledge and passion for horses, Jeff has an obvious talent for teaching. First, he gives extremely detailed and explanation-oriented lessons that give students an invaluably rounder education in riding and care for horses. However, he further sets himself apart from other trainers with his passion for getting to know each of his students and tailoring his teaching methods to their specific needs. For example, Jeff has the determination and patience to re-explain a concept ten different ways in order to find the one explanation that "clicks" with his student and allows them to master the skill. As a tutor, I work with many bright students who fail to understand concepts in class because of teachers who are unable to explain lessons in more than one way. Therefore, from one teacher to another, I admire Jeff's ability to go beyond a single explanation by really teaching each individual student how to ride until he has helped them to learn, rather than teach riding at his students and leaving the learning up to them.
--Brittany Jaworski


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